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Vacuum Advance (Vacuum control)

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  • Ignition: Vacuum Advance (Vacuum control)

    Anyone know which vacuum advance (vacuum control) mechanism fits the 1110969 Delco distributor in the 1963 Lark 259 engine in my 1959 Silver Hawk. The diaphragm is shot and the advance plate is VERY reluctant to turn. I'm freeing up the advance plate, but I need a new vacuum advance. Thanks for your help.

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    The correct distributor for your '63 is a Prestolite; the 1110969 is likely from 1960 or '61 Stude V8 truck. I'm not saying that to suggest that you should go change it to a Presto; just making you aware that this Delco is not OEM for your year engine.

    The advance you want for this distributor is NAPA #VC1765, stamped either "B20" or "B26" on the bracket. I made a bit of a study of it when I rebuilt mine; you can read more here if you like

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      Thanks for the information. I am not surprised that the 1110969 distributor is not the correct one for a 1963 Lark/Hawk 259, as this engine if in a 1959 Silver Hawk with apparently a rather checkered past. Since discovering that the vacuum control had failed, I also noted that the advance plate does not turn freely. I assume that it has not moved from its position for quite a while. In trying to free the advance plate, I found that it was held to the central collar with serrations. Forcing the advance plate to move feels like it rotates about one serration-worth, if you know what I mean. I can see no means for stabilizing the advance plate other than the serrations on the central collar. Is there something that is supposed to turn with the advance plate? Thanks.


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        OBTW, the vacuum control that I removed had a "63" stamped on it.


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          There are lots of good used V-8 distributors out there. Maybe you could start with another one that has a more vanilla past and is not FUBAR.
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            Just set my static timing by using my ohmmeter.