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Avanti Manual Windows

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  • Body: Avanti Manual Windows

    I'd like to switch from power to manual windows in my completely disassembled 1977 Avanti II. Any suggestions for a mechanism source, swap partner, or parts car with manual window doors? (Only one of my door motors currently works but my glass is complete.)


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    Call Myer's Studebaker for parts and advice. Don't know if you'll need new interior door panels...Jon can tell you that.
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      I have been told that on the 63s and 64s that you'll need new door panels. The manual window regulators are getting harder to find so you might be better off fixing the power windows.



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        We all know how 'in a pinch' a hard to find Studebaker part can sometimes be created from a different but similar Stude part.......I wonder if Avanti manual window regulators could be fabbed up from a combination of original Avanti power window regulators, and parts from Hawk or Lark manual window regulators? Anyone tried this?