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Windshield Wiper for C/K

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    Thanks Woody!
    I've been working on Buttercup.
    I wanted a 12 volt wiper motor.
    I got a complete wiper setup (switch, wiring, motor, linkage, arms and blades) from Kent Fedor off a '59 Hawk. Kent has quality parts at reasonable prices.
    Cleaned everything up and put a coat of dull aluminum Krylon on it. I may do some chrome plating on some of the parts before the installation.
    Following Woody's lead I found the correct size dust cap.
    It's a BrakeBest brand, part number RG04-060. $4.19 for a pack of 2. Originally for Dexter trailer axle.

    Jerry Forrester
    Forrester's Chrome
    Douglasville, Georgia

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      Thanks to ALL of you! Great way to hide the wires and make things look neat and clean.
      Howard - Los Angeles chapter SDC
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      '56 Golden Hawk (3 speed/overdrive, Power steering - Running, but not yet driving)
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        I don't know what condition your parts were in, but I have found that unless the parts are rusty a bit of rubbing compound will do wonders. I have done this on my wiper motor and a few days ago to a horn relay and a junction block. They buffed up nice (by hand) without resorting to painting everything. Not fancy, but clean and normal looking.
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          Saw a '61 Hawk Sunday at a Studebaker show in Custer,S.D. that had a cover on the wiper motor. The owner said it was original as far as he knew. The was a very well restored 4 spd. car. I also noticed that most of the under hood items were in different locations than on my '61, the coil, the horn relay, the voltage regulator, etc, also the car had an external resister with a bypass wire from the solenoid, mine has an internal one. Why the difference? -Jim