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Spin on oil pressure housing?

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  • Engine: Spin on oil pressure housing?

    I changed the oil in the car today and decided to check the two valves (buttons) in the housing that is covered by the filter. One of the round buttons was flush with the inside surface, and when I pushed on it it would go in, but spring back. The other one was indented about 1/8 in but did not have any spring. I think that is a problem. Some one had told me to check these. I looked at one at a chapter members (not on an engine) and remember that both buttons pushed in and sprang back.

    I did not find any metal of any kind in the oil. The oil pressure after changing the oil went to 50 lbs, but the longer I ran the car, it sink to 20 and stayed there, until I rev'ed the engine then the oil pressure went to 65. Left off the gas and back to 20.

    Should I look for and replace the spin on oil filter housing?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Yes, you need a new Adapter. One spring is a very weak spring, the other is a VERY Strong Spring. I would guess that the weak one would open when the Filter is clogged, the other would open when there is excess pressure. I believe both Bi-pass the Filter Element.
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      Thanks Rich, That is what I was thinking. I will get one ordered.