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Paint Colors for the Crest on '56-'57 Studebaker Wheel covers

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  • Wheels: Paint Colors for the Crest on '56-'57 Studebaker Wheel covers

    I have a set of 1956-57 Studebaker full wheel covers I want to refurbish--the ones with the Crest. Here are a couple of questions:
    1) What are the names or numbers of the closest paint colors? Has anyone matched up the colors with Duplicolor color names and numbers?
    2) What is the best way to get good adhesion to the stainless steel? Any special primers? What about isolating the sections to be painted with masking tape and then blasting the parts to be painted with a fine pumice grit to give the surface some "tooth."

    Any hints from someone who has done this would be appreciated.
    Stan Gundry

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    Coarse steel wool or 320 sandpaper will help. Duplicolor makes a metal etch primer. The red and white were pretty 'standard' The white was a bright white, not creamy. The red was bright red, not too dark or orange. The black was gloss black. One tip I know is that if you use primer, re-mask before paint. There are decals for these on ebay, and at SI but I assume you want the original look.