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Which front wiring harness?

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    Originally posted by Spannerbird View Post
    I just spoke with Donald and I'll probably need to and will be replacing almost all the wiring as besides having already purchased the spark plug wires/cables, and the battery cables seeming to be in good condition, most of the wires are bare and in spots, corroded. I decided on going with almost everything as I don't want to have to purchase one small kit, then realise I need more wires over time. It also gives me peace of mind that every wire in the car will be new.
    No joke there. Too; unless you were going to keep your car 100% stock, I'd do away with the original Stude style wiring since their habit of placing fuses all over instead of a central fuse block is unsafe IMHO.

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      It's not so much about keeping the car stock even though it will be nice if I go that route. The 6v wires are heavier than 12v so if I do in some time decide to modernise it, I won't have a problem doing so - at least not with the wiring. Mine has also been setting for over a decade in the open and as such much what could corrode on the car has.
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