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throttle bellcrank sticks.

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  • Fuel System: throttle bellcrank sticks.

    The Avanti won't idle down normally. If I put enough spring on it to make it idle down, it's like a heavy clutch pedal when I accelerate. Regular spring and I have to Blip the throttle every time I come to a stop. Makes me sound like a teenager trying to impress everyone...
    The bellcrank lever has wobbled out the holes. I bought some bronze door hinge pin bushings that mike out to be the right size, and intended to cut the lever in half, drill out the holes, install the bushings and put it back together. Now that seems like a problematic solution. How to properly index the lever so I wind up with both halves in the same relationship they are in now? Will this metal (whatever it is) weld okay with my MIG. If anybody has come across the perfect solution, I'd love to hear it.

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    on my car it wasn't the bell crank but the hinge on the peddle where it mounts to the floor. Pop the rod out of the top and make sure it moves freely. I just replaced mine with another.


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      Your car only has one return spring? There should be another, shorter, spring attached to a clip on the left rear valve cover stud. It provides a little side pull to the bell crank to stop that sticking. S.I. has them, probably other vendors too


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        wagonair wrote -

        ""I have to Blip the throttle every time I come to a stop.""

        This is a perfect example of worn throttle shaft/bushings/throttle body.
        The butterflys do not close properly because of the shaft not keeping the butterflys centered in their bores. The "blipping" of the throttle causes the butterflys to "slam" shut rather thAn come home at a slow pace, such as when just lifting off of the thottle pedal.

        Try a known good/newer carbuetor...I'd bet your problem goes away..



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          The carb is a newer Edelbrock 600. If the throttle is unhooked it works perfectly. I had the same problem with my Wagonaire. I found an NOS bellcrank in my Studebaker stuff for that car a few years ago. No more problem. The Avanti seems to have exactly the same problem. I looked at the bellcrank and the holes that the shaft runs through are very oval. The proof is that if I spray a little lube on those points it works just fine. for a few days.
          I appreciate all the input, but my original question was if anyone had figured out an ingenious way to refurbish the bellcrank assembly?


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            Get some washers and make the center hole so it is a running fit to the bellcrank shaft. Cut the washers in half and braze them to the bracket over the oval holes.


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              yep 34567890-09i8u7y6trew3er45t6y7u8i9
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                Originally posted by jimmijim8 View Post
                yep 34567890-09i8u7y6trew3er45t6y7u8i9
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