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  • Fuel System: R2 Carb Accelerator Pump

    I need to replace the accelerator pump on my 63 GT Hawk with AFB 3588 carburetor. The Edelbrock 1471 marine pump kit came with a plastic disc and retainer. Do I need to remove the existing brass guide that is swegged in the carb top. It appears that is necessary but I wanted to make sure.


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    I don't know about the Edelbrock pump, but in a standard rebuild, for all practical purposes, that brass guide should not have to come out. The brass guide in the carb top for an R2 carb, has a an O-ring affair in it that seals the shaft, carburetor, and the pump, and prevents gas from squirting out when the carburetor is under pressure. We are currently dealing with one on an R2 carburetor, that was either installed upside down, or in a different fashion other than what was called for in a standard rebuild. It is inverted, and has an O-ring and fiber washer affair in it, which doesn't look anything like the image above. The brass guide is also pressed in and swaged in place as well, and to get it out, calls for tools that aren't typical for a standard rebuild. Anyway, to get it out without the proper tooling, is going to be a trip, because you can possibly destroy the carb top in the process. In short, frankly, if it's in good shape, I'd leave it be.
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      The Edelbrock accelerator pump is larger in diameter than the Carter. You may find the piston sticks halfway down in the stroke and may not return to the top.
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