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  • Cool/Heat: 55 champion

    Silly question But how do the heat controls work ? What does the handle on left side control? The one that looks like the overdrive handle on the right ..

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    It controls the hot water flow into the heater core.



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      It controls a thermostatic control. On a cold day, pull it out 1/4-3/8 inch. as the interior of the car warms up, the temperature of the incoming air will be less hot. As the interior cools, the incoming air will be warmer to compensate.

      I thought I could set mine to make the car just right, but my traveling companion wants to be hot until she gets warm, so the control is useless.


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        Switches for heater blower (under seat) and defroster blower (under instrument panel) are on the right side of the gauges. To admit air to the heater core you will need to open the outer door in the right fender (close the inner door of course) and regulate temperature with the 'heat' control you found on the left side. Here's a 1955 Owners Guide to look through:
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          Thanks guys ! Learning more everyday . This is a new adventure for me and I am lovin it ! This car is so cool !