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Can Stainless drip rail be removed for painting

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  • Body / Glass: Can Stainless drip rail be removed for painting

    Can Stainless drip rail be removed for painting without destroying it?

    What technique should be used?

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    Just my opinion, but I think those drip rails are the one and only exception to the "always remove trim before painting" rule.
    If there is a safe way to R@R those drip rails somebody please post it.


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      I would only remove them if you plan on replacing them. They can be removed and reinstalled, but it is not easy, especially if you haven't done it before.

      The simple answer - Pry them up from the bottom after taking the small sections/clips off.
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        I removed them on my 52 hardtop. Just be be really careful, and store them safely.
        Either on or off, you have to be very mindful while doing bodywork. Obviously you don't want to scratch up your stainless. But if they are removed you still have to be super careful not to DA or heavily sand over the mounting edges, especially those above the windsheild. It only takes a second to grind that little edge of steel down, and then you've lost the snap edge for re-attaching the trim. And that is a big problem.


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          It is pretty easily to remove them. You need an old time "church key" otherwise known as a beer can opener.
          Here is the link to the thread which was not too long ago. There are pictures of the tool. Read the complete thread.
          The trim just snaps back on when you are ready to replace.