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5E28/7E28 Rear spring removal

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  • Frame / Springs: 5E28/7E28 Rear spring removal

    I am in the process of tearing down my 7E28 Trailer Toter, and now that I have finally removed the axle, I would like to liberate the leaf springs. It took a liberal application of Silikroil to remove the one leaf spring bolt (passenger side), and now, before I destroy anything, I would like to know if the retainer is in fact, a press-on fitting (that's likely rusted in place), or if it is threaded (and once again, likely rusted in place.), before I remove the hammer and punches from my tool box. The parts catalogue doesn't tell me much, but it appears that it is a press/push-on piece and that the bolt does all of the work in holding the assembly together. I'd like to salvage as much as possible, as I plan to reuse the good parts and/or utilize the existing parts as a template for making new ones. I've also considered using or making a puller for this, if the destructo-method is too risky. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Although you will probably get good info from this site, you will also want to ask on "STUDEBAKER TRUCK TALK - Network 54" site.
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