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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: Dash Identification

    Can someone tell me what year(s) this dash was used? The dash is in my 54 Starlight, is curved and the backplate is finished to match the custom console. The temp gauge doesn't work and as you can see the previos owner installed a FLAPfS under the dash. I want to be sure to order the correct gauge when replacing it.
    FYI - the engine is from a 63 Avanti if that makes a difference. The power steering came from the same donor Hawk, he just couldn't remember what year it was.
    Thanks in advance, Gary.
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    54 Starlight
    Lynnwood, WA

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    It's from a 62-64 Gt Hawk. Looks like a 62 unit as installed in your car. (black switches). 64 had a heavier metal gauge background.
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      Yes a GT Hawk, but it is modified like the rest of the Car it is in. The Instrument "Faceplate" is not simulated Walnut like stock, but Custom made.
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        I like that brushed aluminum face plate. It looks a lot better than my faded fake woodgrain.

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          Still one of the best if not the best dash design of all time in my book. Years ahead of everyone else back then. Pontiac came close in 69 with the Grand Prix dash.
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