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Generator question

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  • Electrical: Generator question

    Went to the local mom and pop auto parts store today. You know, the one that still has all the books behind the counter. Yeah...they have a computer but all it's used for is an occasional order from the warehouse. Other that that, it just holds all the sticky notes. Anyway, my question: Is there any difference between the 59-60 Delco generator on a 259 versus a '61? The books show a 59-60 Delco still available. Does not list a '61 at all. It then lists the alternator for the '65-66 V-8. He went ahead and ordered the 59-60 (on the computer)for me and it should be here in a few days. Hope they are interchangeable. Autolite generators for those years are not available anymore, at least not through this store. I don't believe the Delco and Autolite are interchangeable. I'm hoping the 59-60 Delco will fit on my 61. Any thoughts anyone??? THANKS

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    I don't see any reason that the generator you ordered won't work. As far as I know, the generators with the exception of the heavy duty units are interchangeable with any of the generators from 1956 to 1961. In 1962 Studebaker used an Autolite generator which can be used if the regulator is also replaced. The advantage of the Autolite generator is a bit higher current output. Bud


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      So, any 12 volt Delco generator for a Studebaker should work. I don't have any fancy stuff like A/C. The only difference might be amperage output...Right? This is a generator for the trunk. Spare parts for the road. The generator that's in the car is rebuilt and SHOULDN'T have any issues. The one I've ordered is the spare that goes in the back seat parts box as a spare along with the spare starter, fuel and water pumps and voltage regulator. From what I can tell(correct me if I'm wrong) '61 was the only year they used Delco and Autolite. As long as I stick with the Delco, everything should be ok...I think...Right?