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  • Brakes: More '84-'85 avanti tech info!

    A few days ago I posted rear wheel bearing and seal part numbers for '80-'85 Avantis . Service/parts info seems to be a bit vague on some aspects of these cars. AND HERE'S ANOTHER ONE!.................
    Yesterday I purchased a pair of front brake rotors for My '85 Avanti. The '84-'85 Avanti models used a Chevy Camaro ('84) front disc brake, as an up grade over the Bendix/Dunlop brake. I thought that these rotors would fit perfectly onto the car....NOPE! The rotors went onto the spindle too far and rubbed against the splash shield. LONG STORY SHORT......Don't discard Your old rotors UNTIL You push out the inside wheel bearing cone and remove the 1/8" spacer Avanti Motors added to the Camaro rotor which, in effect, moves the inside wheel bearing cone out (towards rear of disc) 1/8''. This spacer is made of steel with a chamfered edge so it slides into the 'bearing cone cavity' easily. Once again...without installing this spacer into the new rotors....forget it! ALSO...the front rotor grease seal is an oddball. Basically, it has a 2 1/2" OD to fit into the Camaro rotor, and a 1 5/8" ID to fit the Studebaker spindle. If You just purchase grease seals for an '84 Camaro...they definitely will not work. I have two part numbers for these oddball seals....National# 16289.... and Timken# 4763S. Good luck!
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    Thanks for posting, I recently bought a 84 Touring Coupe and now I know what I need when I need brakes

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      Quick update on the wheel seal info.....The National 16289 number is obsolete.......But the 4763S number is good, and it's now used by Timken AND National. (Bought a spare pair of seals using that number yesterday.)