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Valve stem seals for OHV-6

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  • Valve stem seals for OHV-6

    Gang - Anyone know if there's a suitable substitute I can get at my friendly local auto parts store that'd work on a '63 OHV6?

    Western Washington, USA

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    I want to say that they are the same as a V-8 in which case there is a Ford part that will work, or you could just get the new Viton ones from Fairborn Studebaker.


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    55 Commander Starlight


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      Yes Tom; that is right, many Ch**y owners install the superior Studebaker "Umbrella" valve seal to replace their cheap stock "O" ring type seals! [:0] [:0]

      If you have a worn engine i.e. :valve guides, than you MIGHT want to look into higher temp longer lasting seals like those used on '86 Ford Turbo Coupes with the 2.3 liter Escort 4 cyl. U.S. made engine, or the Chev. Vega 4 cyl. Viton high temp seals Nate is talking about.

      Some people believe in things like Perfect Circle Teflon seals that require machining the outside of the valve guides to lock them on, most people feel that type runs the valve stems too dry causing premature failure of the guides/valves however!

      My 2 cents worth: use fresh stock, new, original type seals, when you go in there to adjust the valves at 10 or 20,000mi. you can change the seals if they are hardened!

      quote:Originally posted by hotwheels63r2

      The V8 and 6 are the same and also fit (were stolen for) Chevy V8's.
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