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Hood Prop Rod On Hawks With Factory Equipped AC

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  • ivorydan
    Joe, you're right-this has been explained before. Look at a post titled "Looking for a hood prop rod for a GT Hawk w/AC", dated 05/17/2011. Dan

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  • JoeHall
    I was using the 62's hood prop to compare & contrast with the 63. That was handy, since both cars are sitting in my garage

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  • StudeRich
    I almost understand what you are saying Joe. Where I lost it is if we are talking about '63 and ''64's with and without A/C being different, how does a '62 have anything to do with anything?


    What the good book does say is that: "1546044P is used ALL C & K Models WITH A/C, '59-'64

    Then it says ALL Models C & K '59-'64 without A/C use 1314089P"

    Looks like the Body and Chassis Engineers were not agreeing on who OWNS this Part!
    Since 15 #'s are Chassis, and 13's are Body!
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  • Hood Prop Rod On Hawks With Factory Equipped AC

    I believe this discussion came up before, but the prop rod on my factory AC equipped, 63GT, is different from other 56-64 Hawks I have seen. I suppose it was to accommodate the AC condenser somehow, but the other, more common type on my 62GT fits just fine, with the OEM condenser it has (I removed from another Hawk many years ago). I really can see no purpose for the different rod, AC or non AC. Also, both rods anchor in the same places, on the pivot end, on the storage-clip end, and in the hood. They are interchangeable, by simply swapping them. The only result is that the hod will sit higher/lower, when raised.

    As for the hood sitting higher/lower when raised, the 63 sits 2 3/4" shorter. Comparing the 62 & 63 GTs rods, the 63's is 27 3/4" long, and the 62's is 31 1/2" (effective length-wise).

    I am thinking this rod only exists on 63 and 64 GTs that came with factory AC, and might be filed under "dumb ideas" somewhere in Stude Corp's archives. Anyone have any other info on these props?
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