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  • Body / Glass: frame swap

    mmagics thread on his frame on, frame off restoration inspired me to post some pictures of my project. Rather than hijacking his thread I thought I'd start a new one. The frame on my car was rusted to the point a replacement was needed. A friend sold me a good rolling chassis out of a '62 GT. Since my body braces and torque boxes were shot and needed replacement I ordered GT parts from Classic, and converted the '54 body to fit the '62 frame.
    While the frame was out from under the car I use a heat gun and scraper to remove the undercoating, and repaired any rusted areas I found. Then I painted it with bedliner before installing the new frame. The first pic is the old frame coming out, then the repaired and painted floor, then the new frame going in. Click image for larger version

Name:	removing old frame 005.jpg
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    Excellent work! You are gonna like that GT frame. Its noticeably stronger, on the road, closing the doors, etc..


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      Thanks for the pics. Didn't have an answer for re-treat but was considering bed-liner. My shell X clip is out of AZ and very good, but my frame though not severely rust destroyed has had a collision or two. It would have been a good opportunity to replace the frame but knowing what I do now it would not be that big a swap sometime in the future if needed.


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        To: 54khardtop,...Interesting photos!....You did a nice job on the underbody once that old frame was out of the way....You'll have a car that's really solid after You're done. Good luck!


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          Thanks for the kind words guys, hope to have it together this year for a shakedown run, then get the finish bodywork and paint done over the winter.
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