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    I did the same on a 64 GT. I can look tomorrow and take a few pics... There are two "L" brackets that fasten to the underside of the dash and unit hangs on the down struts. As far as I can recall from here, the unit is pretty much centered over the trans hump
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      Thought I'd bump this. Still need pics.
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        Originally posted by studeski View Post
        Thought I'd bump this. Still need pics.
        Forget my prior posts, I just went out to the shed and found the OEM "hanging" evaporator. Thought I'd threw it away, but was hoping if it were still here, the mount ears would still be on it. The mounts are gone, but in comparing it with the aftermarket hanging evaporator I replaced it with, both are 16" wide. The aftermarket, in order to maintain clearance for the aforementioned vent door lever, wound up about 1 1/4" from the emergency brake handle. In doing so, it passes under the dash "lowered, drivers' side corner" I mentioned earlier by 2-3 inches, and is only about 1/8" below it. Matter of fact, the back edge of that corner has been planed down, in order for the OEM unit to sit a little higher, yet level, and not have an unsightly gap across the right side, below the radio area.

        Looking at your pic above, lifting the unit almost straight up would be very close, but that toggle switch beside the e-brake handle may get in the way. I wonder if the evap units sat any different on 4-speed cars. (Mine is column shift, automatic.)

        Can't believe some has not yet provided a pic.
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          Studeski - Check your PM's
          64 GT Hawk (K7)
          1970 Avanti (R3)