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Front disc brakes

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  • Front disc brakes

    Nearing the removal of the 289/tranny (I will chain to 2 head screws).
    This car has disc brakes up front...never worked on them. PO has rebuilt them and they work fine..How do I remove them as I proceed to bushing work ?

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    Take the bolts out!

    Seriously...what do you mean!
    Just remove the two fasteners from the caliper to bracket bolts and your done! I would use some coat hanger or welding wire to hang the calipers from something so the brake lins aren't strained by hanging the caliper weight from the rubber hoses alone.



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      Before removing the calipers, I would take measurements to ensure that they are correctly adjusted. (and then don't let the shims drop). Then, on reassembly, you can simply calculate for proper clearances and put it back together.

      The brakes may seem to work properly; but, if the clearances weren't set correctly, then they will be wearing incorrectly, and that could result in rotor wear, or worse, safety problems as the pads wear.