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Sping loaded taillight brackets for C-Cab trucks?

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  • Sping loaded taillight brackets for C-Cab trucks?

    With all the crazy money spent on the new paint for my wife's 1955 E7 C-Cab, I was thinking it might be a good idea to replace the original taillight/license plate bracket with one of the later sping-loaded swinging types you see on the T-Cabs (and maybe late C-Cabs?).

    Will they bolt on without drilling new holes? The truck is DONE and BEAUTIFUL and will hit the road as a daily driver (again!) next week.

    As you know, if you even bang into the license plate hard WALKING you can crack the paint on the outer bed wall! The spring loaded ones seem like a GREAT idea--I wish I'd thought of it BEFORE we painted, but if the later ones fit the same holes I'd like to find a set and use them.

    Any and all help would be much appreciated!

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    The spring loaded tailights came into use with the '57 model pick-ups. Mine are stock and are bolted on with 2 bolts through the sides of the box behind the end caps... Remember that only the tailights are spring loaded, the licence plate holder is still fixed firmly in place.

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      If you get a chance, what is the hole-center to hole-cneter measurement?

      Where does the assembly pivot? I am trying to imagine the tail light swinging and the lic plate bracket not--they would move together on my truck if the tail light was spring loaded.

      A picture would be worth a few dozen words!



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        Here you go:

        Courtesy of Fred Fox's article in the December 1995 Turning Wheels


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          Thanks for the pic. Now I get it!