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Fuel boiling problem

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    Originally posted by Warren Webb View Post
    Rut- Roe!! Don't let the battery hold down police see this!! Seriously though, what a beautiful engine compartment. I just don't see what Rich sees in the "tube"....overflow tube? I only see the one by the radiator cap.
    Rut-Roe, is right. As you noted the battery hold down police got me!..

    If you notice in this picture, the tab on the fender to bolt the hold down bracket is not all there!.. Bummer since it was so nicely painted and what you cant see, even under the bracket.. Errrr

    So I had to cut on off from another fender and graft it on there!

    And then!

    A little grind and paint today..

    Thanks for noting that!


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      I think the engineers designed these engines to super heat the fuel as in those days hot fuel was deemed more economical than cold fuel. Where the carburetor sits is the hottest place on the engine and boiling is inherent. GM and Ford in the same time frame liquid cooled the intake manifolds to overcome overheated fuel issues. To overcome this issue would take some trickey engineering, if the fuel in the bowl of the carburetor is boiling after shutdown then that remaining fuel would have to be recirculated from the bowl. After shutdown would require a timed recirculation pump to return the fuel to the tank from the bowl and would have to operate only after the engine was turned off, could be done, hence the liquid cooled intake manifold. Dave


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        Originally posted by Warren Webb View Post
        /Cut/I just don't see what Rich sees in the "tube"....overflow tube? I only see the one by the radiator cap.
        Warren, the Left Front corner of the CORE as I said, seems to "Wrap" the corner of the Top Tank, very odd.
        That way you get 2 extra tubes on each side.


        Wow, Costco is now selling Interstate Batteries in your area, and they are now Black instead of the Traditional
        Interstate GREEN!

        This must be due to the switch from USA production to China, which according to a Interstate Dealer DID happen!
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