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Is that "no-name" shock a Gabriel?

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  • Is that "no-name" shock a Gabriel?

    There has been some side traffic on who makes those "no-name" shock absorbers we have been buying, or came with the car. I am puzzled why Gabriel does not stamp their shocks with their name, logo, and catalog part number. All that aside, Dan "the man" at the KYB tech support call line gave me this tidbit to decipher no-name shocks.

    Look on the shock, most likely on the "skirt" of the upper part. There may be two or more numbers. Look at the longest number. If it starts with "739" you have hit paydirt. This is a Gabriel Classic. replace the "739" with "82" and that should be the Gabriel Classic catalog number.

    I have checked other shocks on other vehicles. So far, only Gabriel seems to do this.

    Terry, North Texas
    1963 Avanti R2, 63SR1065
    (in stage 1 resto "Project A")
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      See what I mean Terry

      quote:Originally posted by 63Avanti

      [8D] this is being asked elsewhere, putting in a dummy response to make it more available to the askers.
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