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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: Speedometer Issues

    Hello again, I've followed the advice of getting a new gear that goes into the transmission, using 3 in one oil on the cable, but neither have really worked...what should I do? Get a new Speedometer? I'm not really sure
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    Disconnect the cable from the back of the speedometer. Now drive the car with the end of the cable in sight. Can you see the cable turning? If so, now when your back parked, reach up under the dash & feel the speedometer where the cable screws on. On the end there is a small brass colored sleeve where the inner cable inserts. You can turn that part & see if the speedometer works. I believe it turns clockwise (as you look at the rear of the speedometer), if not turn it the other way. You may have to spin it a bit to register. If it is in the speedometer head, then take it to a local speedometer repair. Check the yellow pages. I have dealt in the past with Steve's Speedometer repair in Manhattan Beach.
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      If the speedo needle is jumping around, you want to withdraw the core cable from the cable
      housing and really slather the core with oil (probably
      thicker than 3 in 1, like motor oil or maybe even STP?)as you re-insert the core in the housing. At the same time inspect the core for frayed spots. You also want to be sure there are no kinks or sharp bends in the cable housing.
      Also there should be a oil cup on the back of the speedo just above where the cable screws in. This is the place where you want to use the 3 in 1, or sewing machine oil.
      If the needle is not turning at all, you must be sure that the square ends of the core are fully engaged, and that your new trans gear is all the way on the cable, and all the way into the trans.
      If none of this helps then you may indeed need to repair or replace the speedo.
      These are the steps that I take to address speedo problems.