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  • Body / Glass: GT Hawk window rattle

    I was out driving my GT Hawk yesterday, and wondered if anyone has come up with a good way to fix the proverbial Hawk window rattle? I have replaced the cat whiskers, and greased all moving parts. Everthing moves well but it is especially bad when the windows are down. It is disconcerting to have quieted the car so well, but still have this going on. Thoughts?

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    Have you replaced all the anti-rattle rollers and springs and the wing window channels? Mine have been quiet ever since I replaced all that stuff.


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      There is also a "fuzzy" that rides in the vent frame channel . It is often worn "bald". Also the rear channel retaining bolts sometime work loose, and the channel rattles. The door release lever actuating rods have a anti rattle sleeve, make sure that that's n place, and often there is a small strip of foam rubber under one end to help. There is also a small foam doughnut on the door lock button rod. Make sure the lock buttons are the original thick size that fills the top stainless hole. Aftermarket ones are small and will rattle in the hole.
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