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suggestions for speaker, or stereo in 49 truck?

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  • Interior: suggestions for speaker, or stereo in 49 truck?

    hey guys,

    i got this 49 r 5, and while i sit back and plan out the jobs in my mind, i like to get a plan of how i'm going to set up everything, or how i want it to look.

    Well knowing that MOST of these trucks never had a radio or anything, there is little or no places to put stereo components.

    i don't want to cut a big ugly hole in the dash, and the glove box is off limits cause my fuel injection CPU is going in there.

    Radio isn't a concern for me, i can hide that wherever. I'm more wondering about speakers. With the seat sitting DIRECTLY on the floor of the cab, and not a ton of room behind it, no real kick panels in the floor, thin doors, and a dash i don't want to hack to pieces, i'm wondering what to do.

    I don't want to have some off the wall stereo system, just something nice to listen to some tunes while i drive.

    Anyone have a truck, and have any suggestions or want to share what they did would be great!

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    You could mount speakers in the top of two long PVC sewer pipes tube that stand vertically in each rear corner of the cab. Make the tube about the same diameter as the speaker. Make it long enough to sit just below the top of the seat, so it cannot be easily seen. Fill the tube with fiberglass insulation and put a sealed cap on the bottom.

    Or lay the tubes in a "V" shape starting from the center floor and going out to the corners, stopping just below the seat top.

    They'll sound great if you use good speakers.

    Or, you could go old school and put the speakers in the doors. Works good acoustically. As long as you put some vapor barrier around the back of the speakers they will hold up well. But you will have to not worry about butchering the doors.
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      I have a "radio panel" in my parts truck and am putting that in the dash as Stude would have. I found a small AM-FM radio out of a *** car that will fit with a little panel modification and two small speakers to fit the space where Studebaker put their speaker. Hopefully that will work. (Studebaker International sells a twin speaker in one mount that will fit the opening, if my two don't work out. I put two small speakers behind the seat (in the corners) of my Daughter's '57 pickup & they sound fine when sitting... but going down the road they ain't cutting it. I might try that pipe trick on her truck. Good luck!


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        Here is what I did in my Champ. I didn't want to carve up the dash and I wanted a place to hold my coffee and I was cheap. Cuts some left over chip board, wrapped it with black vinyl... added radio, speakers and power outlet. Screwed down a $10 Advance Auto console/drink tray in front of it.
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          I'm in the process of building a console similar to the previous post. I'm not gonna go as wide and keeping it more low key but similar. I'm also adding a couple cup holders for coffee and running AC vents through it to help circulate the air. Good luck and post pictures with what ever way you go.


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            Get a couple of those little home theater surround sound speakers and mount them facing down down under the dash. Will sound ok. Just wire them properly to your unit. Some will have better quality sound than others. They can be had at any thrift store or flea market for a couple bucks. A speaker doesn't care/know where it's located. It will function. cheers jimmijim
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              i like mmagic's idea and i had one similar, i just dont know what type of space i'll have i now have floor shifter and i cant interfere with that. I thought about in the corners of the cab, just didnt know how to mount them, i'll take the "pipe" idea into consideration.