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    Originally posted by Dwain G. View Post
    As Bob P said, this internal bypass is a very typical response when a master cylinder needs rebuilt. Usually noticed when the brakes are applied lightly.
    Press the brake pedal and hold firmly. It will probably creep slowly toward the floor.
    Thanks, Dwain; I had forgotten about that classic test! BP

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      Originally posted by t walgamuth View Post
      Sounds like classic symptoms of brake fade. Long hill, soft pedal afterword. did you smell pad material burning?

      I have had it happen twice in my life....once when I ran a 64 Pontiac up to 120 mph and put the brakes on for a crossover on old us 40 when in high school, the other time in the alps in 1970 going down hill in a 59 vw beetle. First time was interesting but not dangerous, second time was a real eye opener and cured me of not using the engine to slow on hills.
      That's interesting. I didn't consider it could have been brake fade, but perhaps that is a possibility as well. It happened in a part of town I don't usually drive through, so I was probably heading down the hill faster than I should have been going. Didn't notice any pad smell, but I wasn't really paying attention in that regard. Anyway, I popped the top off the MC and the level was about 3/4" from the top, so it didn't seem to be low. The fluid however, was fairly murky looking -- sort of a tan, cloudy look to it. Does the look of the fluid diminish its capability at all? Would you pump new fluid in, just based on it not being clear? Oh, also, I held the pedal down and it does not slowly give way at all, so I guess that's good. Thanks guys...

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        Probably a good idea to flush the brake hydraulic system with new fluid, or have a good shop do it for you,from your description of the fluid it needs it. Moisture accumulates in the fluid over time and decreases the efficiency of the hydraulic system.
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