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How to install a power steering pumb

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  • Steering: How to install a power steering pumb

    I am in the process of changing out my Eaton power steering pump. While I struggled to get it off the car, I am now looking for tips for the installation. I have already figured out that if I remove the upper radiator hose I have better access to the mounting bolts but are there other tips from this wise and sage group?
    Peter Bishop
    Northeast Zone

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    ...pull the battery. temporarily fix the pump to the mounting bolts and see where the pressure line requires final direction/tightening....make a mental note. Remove pump and tighten the pressure hose fitting where you mentally noted, then install all 3 mounting screws & nuts. Connect the return line. Install PS belt. Adjust pump to crankpulley tension tight (per book, I think 20+ deflection lbs.), then tighten the lower pump -to- brace screw to hold. Tighten the other 2 nuts on the special shoulder bolts, then final tightening for all. Install battery. Install upper radiator hose.....hose cure (maybe)...

    Fill pump to within 1/2 inch of top, install cap. Start car with full weight on tires. Turn slowly to full right, then left. Turn off engine. Fill pump to 1/2 inch from top. Drive...