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    The truck engine is the same as the car engine. It's a standard, 195 HP engine. And according to 'Less Than They Promised', more likely than not, GM brought a few engines in from Flint. It's not a big deal to paint a complete engine. PITA to paint just the valve covers.

    Keep in mind that this was their bread and butter V8. This was the base V8 for the Chevelle, the Impala/Bel Air/Biscayne, the Nova and the Chevy pick up trucks. Add in the Canadian cars...
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      Originally posted by mrjazzmillcreek View Post
      Not all parts are the same,the temperature gage sending units are different.If you use a Chev unit your gage will not work.
      Sorry Ray, I stand corrected. I was only referring to the engine and did not consider parts that linked to the peripherals so you must be correct. I did say that the Chevy replacement fuel pump had a "slight" modification.
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        I never assume any Studebaker has the original engine, but the 283"s I've pulled out of Studes were identical in every way to the Chevy 283"s, including the rod bolts.

        jack vines