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    I picked up a number of pieces of mostly used Studebaker glass last year. I don't have a clue what most of it is but several pieces could be of interest to someone. There is a set of 4 pieces that would appear to be starlight coupe and another set that would appear to be early 50's sedan. Other pieces are mostly rear glass and perhaps a couple windshields that I can not identify.

    I want rid of them as I'm out of space but refuse to send it out to the trash.... I'm about 50 miles North of the Springs so if anyone has an interest let me know and we can make arrangements.


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    The four starlight coupe pieces will sell fairly easily, if that is indeed what they are. On a starlight coupe, all four pieces are different, and one set of two mirrors the other.

    I have seen vendors have two sets of sedan pieces and think they are for a starlight.
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      Is there any simple way to identify Studebaker glass?


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        If you're going to the meet just take it with you. You can always dump it on someone for free. cheers jimmijim
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          I've been planning on attending the meet from the first moment I heard it was coming to Colorado... I live in the South Denver metro area.... about 50 miles down I-25. However, the wife is now bed bound and so I'm working on details to try and come down for a couple of half days if I can get someone to sit with her.

          Yes, I was thinking of just bringing it down and giving it to someone.


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            Originally posted by mmagic View Post
            Is there any simple way to identify Studebaker glass?
            No. Sorry. But you'll have some good eyes at the meet, plus plenty of examples to hold them up to.
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              Any windshields that you have that are made with a BEND in the center will be '51 and '52 and some models of 1950 Cars, OR '55 to '64 "C" Cab Trucks.
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                Other than those pieces that I think are starlight coupe or sharp curve 50/51 sedan rears my guess is that the rest are mostly rear windows of nominal intrinsic value.... unless your the one who needs it. In sorting them out yesterday, I did find a needed windshield for my '63! I'll try and get the rest to C Springs and hope that others find some value.

                Sorry no sharp center bends.