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  • Fuel System: Fuel sender

    I replaced the sender after the original one failed....even though the new one works it dosen't sit quite on full after a fill & it dosen't hit empty when it should,it hovers at about 1/8 mark.I 'm just wondering if bending the arm down a bit would give a more positive/ accurate reading?

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    Since I got no response to the 1st post,how about this.... Can you calibrate the fuel sending unit by bending the float arm? My theory is that bending the arm down would put the float deeper in the fuel causing more upward pressure on the float so it will actually sit at full when tank is full & the float will sit on the bottom when tank is I in the ball park or out to lunch....


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      you can probably set it up for either complete full or complete empty..


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        Yes, no, maybe.

        Yes, with the readings you've got, approaching it as a mechanical problem might not get a correct reading at either full or empty.

        No, if it's not the correct sender, the gauge is looking for an ohm range. The shortened range you mentioned could indicate the sender is at full travel, just not the correct ohm range for the gauge.

        Maybe, pull out the sender, wire it directly to the gauge and move it through full travel and watch the gauge reading.

        jack vimnes


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          Thanks Jack....why couldn't I think of that.... Cheers


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            Where did you pick up your sending unit? I am thinking I will have to replace mine soon as well.


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              I got it from Studebaker International...$80 plus shipping.


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                Is the float arm moving all the way up and down? Where the arm goes into the sender, are two tabs that stop the arm movement at full and empty. Make sure that the arm has full travel. Hold the sender in your hand and raise the float as far as it will go. Does it stop with the float just below the plate that has the screw holes to attach it to the tank, or go beyond? I also had to adjust my sender after purchasing a new one. I used an OHM meter to get the empty reading correct. As the float goes down the OHMs should increase. I hope this helps.


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                  Thank you Brian6373,all this info helps.....cheers