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49 R5 truck drive train for sale anyone interested?

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  • Engine: 49 R5 truck drive train for sale anyone interested?

    hey guys,

    If you've seen any of my other posts, you may have seen that i am doing a complete drivetrain swap on my 49 R5.

    I was going to keep everything i pulled for another "project" but looks like that's going to be dropped from the plans now, so i'm seeing if anyone is interested in any of the stuff???

    I got the motor and transmission. Its complete. pulled it out of the truck in one piece. Nothing done to it except new plugs, new condenser, new oil. Before we started the motor swap, we cleaned up the electrical a little, changed the oil, and replaced the bad condenser and she ran pretty well. even after sitting for almost 10 years, she even stopped smoking after about 10 minutes. I think with a good overhaul and cleaning, it would be a great motor for a restoration.

    The drive shaft original. The universals still look pretty good.

    And the rear is in good shape too. Probably needs the usual, seals, gaskets, etc. Its complete with wheel hubs, and brakes. We DID do some work to brake setup on this though. We rebuilt the wheel cylinders, they have BRAND NEW brake shoes from Studebaker International. Alot of new springs and adjusters. Is got new brake lines, and new bleeder valves too. The parking brake cable is still attached too, and in good shape.

    I am willing to separate everything if someone wants something specific. I can sell it all together for a deal too.

    I have measurements and can take more if someone wants to know something. I also can get more pictures if needed.

    I live in the central Pennsylvania area and wouldn't know the first thing about shipping anything this large and heavy. contact me if interested or have questions! I still have front suspension parts and the shifter column and linkage too.

    Click image for larger version

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    If there is any interest, contact me and make an offer.