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1950 R5 pick up Drag Link

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  • Steering: 1950 R5 pick up Drag Link

    The drag link? i.e. from steering box to knuckle looks to have non replacable ends. Leather grease seals are completely shot and ends are very worn. Looks like whole unit would have to be replaced. Is that correct? Is there a fix? If not, does anyone know where to look for one. Thanks.

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    From memory: Yes, the original drag links were one piece, but the replacements had threaded ends. I believe Stude Intl and some of the other vendors may have replacements. If not, you should be able to find a used replacement shaft from someone. Pretty sure new screw-on ends are available. If above is wrong, someone please correct me.
    Skip Lackie


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      There are three types of reach rod for the 2R series.
      The OE production had non replaceable ends.
      The first generation had one end that was replaceable (and adjustable).
      The third generation has both ends replaceable and adjustable.

      The 3R series reach rod was straight.
      If you put that rod on a 2R it will hit the spring when the spring deflects.
      (ask me how I know)
      HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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        My '55 E12 has a curved reach rod with two replaceable ends. As far as I know it's original, but the ends are new.

        jack vines


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          Thanks, lots good info. It is so cool that Studebaker guys are so happy to help.