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  • Body / Glass: Window regulator geometery

    Guys, I'm working on my Avanti's electric windows seemingly endlessly. Jon Meyer has been an enormous help with various parts and advice. He's another example of our great vendors...

    I hate pestering him all the time and thought maybe someone here has dealt with the same issue I'm facing.
    My car sat in a barn for many years and had been butchered by previous owners. Among other things, I found the passenger window regulator had no spring. Jon had one new one left and sent it to me.

    As I understand it, the spring assists in lifting the window - so at full closed position, I can install it without having to load it, right? (Never done this before)
    Then, it will 'wind tight' as the window rolls down..? The manual is no help here.

    Do you know on which side of the regulator the stop goes - or I can take the door skin back off the driver side and do the opposite for the passenger. Ugh, that's a pain. Thanks much!

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    The only thing I found so far is that
    .....The spring should tighten as the window goes down....

    Might find more.....

    and here it is

    ...and what Bob said below...

    Good luck
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      Bill Hendersen wrote this article for the Avanti Magazine and it may be of help to you.
      Bob Langer


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        Thank you so much, Guys! I can't go wrong with this info!


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          THAT is what this forum is all about!!!!!!
          HTIH (Hope The Info Helps)


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