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Size socket needed to turn crankshaft on 51 Champion?

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    Mine is marked with the octane selector, but I can't see how it would move--the hole for the bolt hole in the plate is not elongated, just round and just big enough for the bolt that goes through it.
    I finally moved the plug wires over one space on the distributor cap, and that brought it right near the IGN mark, sparking at that same point using a spark tester on the Number One plug wire.
    Timing light had shown it was firing WAY too soon (probably five fingers distance before the pulley IGN mark) when I got it started up (this was before I moved the wires over).
    I think I'm very close now, but ran out of time and had to go out of state for a month.
    I'll work on it again when I get back to VA where the Stude is.
    Many thanks to all who helped.


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      Dave, records show the 74K miles as original. I can't be sure, but don't believe the engine was ever apart, and most likely the oil pump not removed (I know it hasn't since I've had it). I'll try that once I get back to Virginia where the car is. I'll be down in Alabama for a month or so. Moving the plug wires one space over did bring the IGN mark in line with when the Number One plug wire sparked.
      It hasn't been right since I sent the distributor out to a guy who does nothing but rebuild distributors. He did the weights and everything, and said he set it up for 10 degrees additional advance (but that would only come into play under load, with the vacuum advance hooked up).


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        Okay, not I understand how you described the wires for the test light, thanks. I much appreciate the help.


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          Originally posted by RadioRoy View Post
          I can usually turn my 51 Champion over by grabbing and turning the fan blade.
          Whew... glad I'm not the only one who did it that way (gently). Bumping the engine with the ignition was so frustrating, I always just missed it.

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            If you want to bump the engine with the starter, you can always hook a small jumper wire to the small stud on the starter solenoid and tap the other end on the battery terminal. That way, you can bump the engine just a bit and can see how far you are bumping it. Unfortunately, it always seems to skip right past the timing mark no matter how gently you tap it.

            That's why I turn it the final few degrees by hand.
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