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Disc Brake conversion 1950 Stude 1/2 ton

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  • Brakes: Disc Brake conversion 1950 Stude 1/2 ton

    Hi all, new to forum. I am building a 1950 1/2 ton PU into a gasser. Has anybody had experience changing the spindle to able to install disc brakes. I would like to make as safe and reliable as possible. I have been researching brake kits from Summitt, Jegs etc. Seems like this should be pretty routine once the correct spindle is installed. Have not built a car since...well let's say since the real Gasser Wars. Thanks for any advice.

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    Why not just use a Turner Brake disc package that uses the original spindle? It's pretty much a bolt on deal that makes things simple. I wouldn't complicate things with finding a spindle that "might" work. Your truck already has the straight front axle!
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      When you say "gasser", is this a 1/4-mile only build and if so, what speeds are you expecting to hit at the end? If you want disc brakes, Turner may have a kit for the truck.

      jack vines


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        68-72 Dodge Charger discs are almost bolt on. You have to make a small bracket and some spacers. Then change the inner wheel bearing and grease seal.


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          As noted in a recent thread, 1968 and perhaps 69 LTD/large Ford rotors are drop on Studebaker spindles. These rotors can use the Stude or Ford bearings and seals and do not require spacers. Although they were out of stock for many years, apparently they are available once again from various aftermarket sources. You will need to make your own mounting bracket for the calipers and use early 70 large chrysler calipers. I am not sure of the difference between the truck and auto spindles so that is an unknown. The fact that these are drop on is a real plus in my book. I have had this type of setup on my Hawk since '95 and never had an issue.
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            Thanks so much for all the feedback. Did not know of Turner Brakes. Next question of the Day. Dropped off front springs today. With re-arch and and spacer will lift front-end 3". What is easiest way to quicken the steering? I was thinking that a longer/different pitman arm would speed up the steering. I am using up a bunch of stuff I have accumulated. BBC out of a 9 sec race car, Muncie 4sp Will detune as I rebuild it. I'm thinking will start out in the 12's and work down into the 11's. Doesn't take that much to get my heart pumping. Will probably make it street legal at some point. Rear frame has been repaired a lot. Looks like a farm truck that was used like a rented mule. Speedo reads 47K miles. I thinking about fabbing a new rear frame and installing a four link-coilover set up. Will have tilt frontend for two reasons; Looks cool and makes it much easier to work on.
            Have finally reached the time/$$ intersect...sore back and crappy vision(Age appropriate). Built hot rods in the '60s. Just needed to GO FAST, steering, brakes and other safety features weren't a real consideration. So rollez bon temps. Appreciate all the feedback. As soon as I can will start down loading some pic's. Cool Breeze (radio code talker ID name)


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              I had a 52 half ton with a supercharged 259, 3spd over drive, twin traction rear. Lots of go but not much slow! The turner brake kit solved the problem. Jim's a good guy, the price was fair and everything about the kit was done right.
              ed ellis


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