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Lark VI glass bowl fuel pump

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    Originally posted by Charlie D View Post
    I just re-used the ones that were in it. The round, rubber-like disks that were under each one were hard and evidently not doing their thing. The new ones were soft and pliable. I did not stake them when I tapped them back in because the fit seemed very tight and hopefully they will not work themselves back out.

    Charlie D.
    Ok, there are 2 pieces, but you just changed the 1 underneath.


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      You have to remember that you will be working with a 6 Cyl. pump and Charlie was rebuilding a V8 Pump.
      As altyair described very well, for a 6, they are very much different.
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        I dont know if the rebuild kits come with the diaphragm preattached or separate only. The kits I got from Hal Houghton, the diaphragms were separate and I had to
        reattach with the hydraulic press method. If you got kits with the diaphragms preattached you won't need a press. I went to a local gasket firm and got 1 sq metre
        (1sq yd) of gasket material and made my own diaphragm and small valves using a standatd hole punch. The specs of the gasket matrial I dont know but I requested gasoline compatable and that is what they sold me. So, special equipment may not be required if you don't change the diaphragm or it comes preattached. Dave