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Supercharger Woes

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  • Supercharger Woes

    I have developed an annoying leak. Otherwise, the old paxton works fine. I beleive that it is the large O-rings.

    has anyone here ever changed them? Is it something that can simply be done by puuling off the pulley and the front portion? Or is it best to send it away for an overhaul? And if so, where is the best place?


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    I'd send it off to Dave T-Bow or Phil Harris if you've never had one apart. You can buy a "refresh kit" on ebay if you want to try, it's not that diffecult.

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    JDP Maryland


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      It can be done, but if you have never worked on one.Follow JDP's advice.

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        I have looked at the manual. And it doesn't look too intimidating.

        What is commonly used to hold the case in place if the special tools mentioned in the shop manual are not available?