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    As soon as I figure out the nuances of putting pictures up on this site, I will show you all my trip to the radiator shop. The shop owner freaked when he pulled the radiator out, because it was the original. When they sweated the tanks off, there was only one open tube. He tried to rod it out, but the rod went thru the side of the tube. Also, the fins began falling off.
    They used 16 count fins with 2 rows back in the day, and modern ones use 14 count fins, but use 3 rows of tubes instead of 2 rows of tubes. I will now feel better about using the A/C here in Houston in the summer.
    Also, it is back to the 180 thermostat. I always heard that a 160 was a "slow opening" thermostat, whereas a 180 opens much faster, FWIW. Also, have replaced the wiring(Studebakers West), a new gauge, from a member in Canada, and a new sending unit, and the temp gauge matches the infared thermometer to within 5 degrees.
    Bringing a car down here from up north, requires addressing the heat issue first IMHO.