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  • Front Disc Brake Kit For Sale

    I recently sold my '65 Commander and I couldn't talk the guy into buying the brake kit with it. It's the Steeltech kit. I bought it about a year ago and never installed it. In addition I have the proportioning valves to go with it.

    If I remember right, these kits are $499. Make me a reasonable offer.

    I also have a set of '65 Commander hub caps, and a hood ornament.

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    Which kit is it?
    He has or had...two different sets. One with the big caliper and one with the smaller metric caliper.



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      It's the 11 inch disc kit, not the 12 inch.


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        Is the kit still available?


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          Yes I still have it.

          You can email me at


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            I still have the brake kit for sale. It's not doing me any good just setting here, someone make me an offer, even unreasonable.


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              would this kit fit a 1955 Champion coupe?


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                I'd be interested, but don't know what shipping costs. Any chance you're going to the Reedsville meet?

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                  quote:Originally posted by bams50

                  I'd be interested, but don't know what shipping costs.
                  My thoughts exactly!!!! Where are the parts coming from???

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                    I'm in Michigan 48473. I checked ups from me to Bob in 13131 for 75 pounds would be less than $50. I guessing on the weight but Steeltech only charges $55 on their ebay auction. I'll have to go get a weight and let you know.

                    I don't know if they would fit the 55 Champion. Maybe someone else would know.


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                      Yes, they'd fit the 55 Champion.

                      There's 75 pounds to all of that???

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                        Well, I weight one set and it was about 33 pounds on my cheap bathroom scales (which always seem to be about 10% light). So 66 plus 10% plus a few pounds for packaging. I'm thinking it would end up around 75 pounds easy. Those brackets are pretty beefy, the rotors are 20 each, bracket/calip/pads about 10....


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                          What master cylinder do you need for that kit?

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                            Sold, thanks Jerry.