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    I have had Turner Brakes Dual Master Cylinder kit on my Hawk since 2003 and it saved our rear ends in the fire of 2005. I have lost his instruction sheet and need to know which master cylinders will fit on a 56J. Somebody, I do not know who posted a photo of a low profile dual MC that he installed on his car. It was a very thin looking MC, and I am not sure even if the fluid chambers were attached to the MC. So if anyone has any knowledge of what MC I need to buy to replace mine, which I believe was a Jeep MC please let me know. If possible I would really appreciate it if you could not only post the answer here but also e-mail me both the answer and a picture of what you guys used.

    Now for the othe part. What rims do I go looking for that will accept the Turner disc conversion assembly. The fellow who had rims made for this application no longer has any.

    Thanks very much