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T96 trans leaks

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  • Transmission: T96 trans leaks

    I had an experienced mechanic rebuild a T96 with blown syncros. Trans did not leak, other than an occasional drip, before rebuild, but after, leaks alot from front. Original front bearing did not have a seal, nor did the replacement. trans now works fine but leaves a small puddle when parked.

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    Is it coming from the front bearing or the selectors? Each one of those has an O-ring. Or maybe there is too much oil in the trans. I have rebuilt a few of those and not had any leaks. Is it transmission oil or engine oil. Smell it there is a difference, that is unless, like me, you used engine oil in the trans. I did make sure it was not the type that could affect the brass synchros.


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      front not selectors
      not overfilled
      trans oil on floor
      I used 90 mineral oil--no sulfer


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        First guess, either the gasket was left off the front flange (shaft the t/o bearing rides on), and/or the flange bolts were left loose. Second guess, the oil slinger (just behind the input shaft bearing) was turned around backwards during reassembly, but I'm not sure it's possible to get it fully together that way.


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          There is a small drain-back hole in the case, and bearing retainer and gasket must be aligned with that hole.


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            Also, make sure your vent hole is open, and make sure if they used a full size top cover gasket that it has the required hole punched in it to allow the vent to function.
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              I have 4 of these trans from Henry J's. None have a vent hole under the top plate. I'm surprised that those made for Studebakers have a different casting.
              I think that maybe my mechanic failed to put the ultra-thin gasket behind the front flange.