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Need source for Wagner brushes

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  • Electrical: Need source for Wagner brushes

    Does anyone know of a source for brushes for 1923 Wagner generator and starters as used on 1923-4 Special and Big 6 Studes?
    Jim Connelley, Spring Creek, NV 89815

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    You need to check with the Antique Studebaker Club.
    Second Generation Stude Driver,
    Proud '54 Starliner Owner


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      When my Chrysler minivan starter brushes started to fail, I checked into new starters (~$200) and starter repair kits ($125)(brushes and bearings).

      For some reason, I stopped at a local truck repair shop and he was able to match the brushes exactly with about 30 seconds of looking. $5.


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        Thanks; I've got a post on their forum also.


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          I agree with 55s. This is a part that you could match based on dimensions and fit, rather than application.
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          Holdrege NE


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            Check out any automotive starter/generator/alternator/electric motor repair shop.

            I remember needing brushes for an old pre-war car back in the 60's. I went to one of those shops that rebuilds generators, alternators and starters and the guy walked me to a wall full of little metal drawers and said, "In here." After half an hour of searching through the hundreds of brushes I finally figured out how the part numbers seemed to correspond to dimension and I found them in a few minutes.

            Those guys have to have parts for lots of stuff most auto shops would never see.
            Mike O'Handley, Cat Herder Third Class
            Kenmore, Washington

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            (What is it with me and discontinued/orphan cars?)


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              Main Auto Parts in Asheville, NC has them or can get them. Steve