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Heater fan motor issues

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  • Electrical: Heater fan motor issues

    The heater fan motor on my avanti when switched on is noisy making a buzzing sound until it gets up to speed and then it seems to run without making noise. It also occasionally blows the heater fan fuse so I suspect that when first switched on it is drawing high amperage maybe due to worn bearings and bushings. I do not want to pull the dash to replace the motor so can you drill a small diameter hole from the engine bay side at the armature shaft dimple to inject electrical bearing grease or WD-40. I realize this may not permanently fix the problem and the motor may have to be replaced but if it would help prolong the life of the existing motor maybe it is worth a shot.

    I would appreciate your thoughts and input.
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    I think your right about the worn bushings John. I'm not sure how you would locate the correct place to drill a hole to get lubrcant to the bushing without getting it all over the inside of the motor. Then there is the bushing at the other end of the motor that you can't get to. If you could, it might help for awhile. I think you should get a new motor and have it on hand for the time when the motor finally gives up, and you have to bite the bullit.


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      I don't think you need to pull the dash, just the heater core and housing. Still a BIG PITA, Mine was a little noisy, and since I did have all of that out when I repainted it, i went ahead and replaced it. Bought a new on from Studebaker International.

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        I have (carefully) drilled a small hole in the rear of GM heater motors in order to drop some oil on the bushing. The hole was drilled in the top of the rear bushing "hump" located on the rear of the motor. The "hump" is accessable on the Avanti engine firewall.

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          Yup. Center punch the tip of the hump and drill away; about a 1/8 or 1/16 bit, just the size for one of those red plastic wands. You can also follow up with a dab of something sticky to seal the hole.


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            Yup done this on my Champion. I'd use PBR before WD-40. WD-40 evaporates to fast. Did this 3-4 years ago and fan motor is still quiet.
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              Originally posted by poweroptions View Post
              Yup done this on my Champion. I'd use PBR before WD-40. WD-40 evaporates to fast. Did this 3-4 years ago and fan motor is still quiet.
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                WD-40, water displacer, not a lubricant.


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                  Thanks guys I'll give it a shot and let you know how it goes ....
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                    I would use silicone grease as it will stick around at higher temps.
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