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Need help with motor mounts manifolds

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  • Need help with motor mounts manifolds

    I am looking for info for my 59 lark going to pull out the mopar motor and tranny and put a sbc motor with a 350 turbo tranny and if anyone on here has done this i need to know what front mounts you use and also what rear crossmember and either ram horn manifolds or headers are the way to go? Any info on this will be a lot of help.
    Thanks Moose

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    Moose; you use the '65-'66 Stude. V-8 engine mount Brackets in front with the early Chev. /'65 Stude. mounts.

    In the rear you have to cut out the center portion of the engine, trans, and body support crossmember and weld in a dip-down replacement or some people have just retained the outboard portions to support the body and called it good (not the best)!

    You will have to fabricate a crossmember to connect to the Tranny mount holes under the THM GM trans and use their mount.

    Then there's the shift linkage, vacuum modulator line, throttle cable, kickdown cable if req'd., driveshaft mod., custom speedometer cable etc.

    OH; the manifolds: the stock '65-'66 Stude. V-8 center dump Ramhorns work fine, Chev II Nova, Chevelle? -Not a Chev. guy, don't know!

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