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  • Fuel System: Avanti gas tank filler

    Getting ready for paint. Doing all mechanical problems first.

    While in storage a couple years ago I found that the paint around my filler was ruined. (see picture) The right rear wheel was in a depression and it did have about 3/4 of a tank.

    I took the filler out today. I can see where the pipe meets the body flange that there is some sort of sealer. (second picture). What should I use to redo this joint?Click image for larger version

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    Also, in the third picture, what is the mystery wire? White wire with male connection on end.

    I do already have new filler tube and outboard gasket for reassembly.


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    The 'sealer', is most likey gasket cement from the old gasket. The white wire is for the optional rear speaker.
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      Does that white wire have a green or black tracer? I think the rear speaker wire on my '64 has a green tracer. I could be wrong & haven't had a chance to check the wiring diagram in the shop manual.I trust your judgment Bez, you bailed my butt out last summer. Thanks!
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        The ruined paint around the filler is due to fuel being spilled on the lacquer paint during filling. Fuel attacks lacquer finishes - not good. This would have nothing to do with the stance during storage (unless the car was stored on its side!)


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          Pretty sure the paint job was lacquer. It's not the original, but a respray a long time ago. Probably my fault and a lesson learned. Never too late, even at my age.

          What I did find is that the vent line behind the seat is flat. Will have to replace that. Also plan to check return line.

          Thanks for the help.


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            Once your car is painted, you can do as I did on my car to protect the paint from spilled gasoline and the filler itself. I used a protector made for a '78's fits right around the filler neck and drapes down the fender between the fuel filler and the body. It costs about $6-$7 or so from reproduction Corvette suppliers. You could also cut one yourself from an old inner tube or a sheet of rubber.

            I'd add a photo of how it looks on my car but the car is away for work right now.
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