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  • Speedo / Tach / Gauges: speedo

    This isnt a question about Studebaker specific...

    My speedo is spinning and not tracking my speed and I am hearing what sounds like the center of the cable, just spinning. I have an autometer gauge and the cable appears to plug in and connect okay.

    Does it sound like a cable issue or gauge issue?

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    Sounds like a speedo issue if your speedo needle is moving as when the cable is broken or the pinion gear is stripped the speedo will normally not move off zero mph. If your speedo is sitting at zero and your hearing noises then you probably have a broken cable.

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      Thanks for the info... at least I have a direction now.


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        In the cast body, where the cable goes into the speedo there is a small cup with a pin hole in the bottom of it. Oil that cup and that might stop the noise.
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