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63 Avanti Power windows

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  • Electrical: 63 Avanti Power windows

    I have power windows in my Avanti and lately they work intermittently. I hear a relay under the dash I think but I can't find it. When that relay starts clicking the windows only jump up or down and the amp gauge jumps from in the middle to all the way to the right. Any ideas? Thanks Tom

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    There is also a circuit breaker in the system, that is probably what you hear clicking. The current draw is more than likely more than it's rating. You need to clean all the old, crusty, dried up grease off, and align things, and make sure parts are not bent or worn out. They are after all 50 years old! New lube does wonders. I use aluminum complex grease as it doesn't turn to glue in a few years, and is waterproof.
    There is a good article in the latest Avanti Magazine on repairing power windows.
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