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missing transaxle gears

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  • Transmission: missing transaxle gears

    I have a 1915 studebaker 7 passenger touring and the transaxel / rearend ring gear was missing when i bought it...I have not been able to find anyone who has extra parts or oem parts for this car....Im looking at having a gear cast but it starts at around $2200.00 for the process. Can anyone direct me toward some parts or if their is a modern replacement using newer model gears it would really help..

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    You might have some luck on the Antique Studebaker Club forum. From that vintage there may have been several different cars that used the same components. Hopefully the Antique guys can help you.
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      Just as a thought, I once had a gear made for me for free at the local community college. Sometimes they are looking for rather complex peices to make. In fact, they made two, screwed up on the first one, so cut a tooth out so it matched the one I gave them as a pattern, and said they had made one just like mine. (as a joke) Then, they brought out the real part, and it worked great. Was a simple straight cut gear though, so not as complex as yours.