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  • Engine: Crunching numbers

    I've been crunching numbers in my head and came to the conclusion I don't have enough information. I want to rebuild the engine in my Lark. It has 259, what is an average price to rebuild it so it will run unleaded gas.

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    It would be helpful if you could indicate whether you intend to disassemble and reassemble the engine yourself or plan to farm the whole job out. This would make a difference in the total cost estimate.
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      I am capable of doing all of it with the exception of the machine shop work.

      Just looking for an idea of cost.



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        For a rough idea Studebaker International lists a major engine rebuild kit for a 259 for $1300.00, minor
        rebuild kit about half that amount.I am not promoting any one vendor here, others have all this stuff as well. You can check SI stuff on line at
        Frank van Doorn
        Omaha, Ne.
        1962 GT Hawk 289 4 speed
        1941 Champion streetrod, R-2 Powered, GM 200-4R trans.
        1952 V-8 232 Commander State "Starliner" hardtop OD


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          Randy, I had my engine done by a reputable Stude guy with parts from a reputable Stude vendor about 5 years ago. My car needed boring, pistons, all bearings (naturally), a new oil pump and several other things, but did not need head/valve work. Total cost for parts / labor was about $2,500.

          Hope that helps!

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            Doing most of the work yourself and purchasing only those parts necessary, I would think you would have $1000-$1300 in parts, maybe less; plus whatever machine work was necessary.
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              Whatever you do to it, make sure you clean the inside of the block. Hot tanking it may not be enough. Be sure all the sand and wire is out. Then go from there.


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                First, it's possible to build a servicable engine on the cheap. It won't run as long or make as much power and will use more oil but it will do the job. That would include regrinding valves and reusing springs, knurling guides, no hard exhaust seats, stock umbrella seals, not rebuilding the rods or balancing the new parts. The real CASO wouldn't even rebore, just dingleball hone and new rings. It could be done for $500.

                As said before, to do a true rebuild, with all new wear parts, about $1300 in parts. Approx labor and machining costs:

                Head work with new guides, hard exhaust seats , positive seals - $350

                Clean, bore and hone your bare block - $250

                When I build an engine, I always deck and line hone the block and balance the rotating assembly and reman the rods - $350.

                Bottom line - a best professional quality stock rebuild; much better parts and quality control than the original engine starts at $3,000 parts and labor.

                FWIW, I've got four Studebaker V8s and three Packard V8s in the shop for full rebuilds, so some owners find value in it.

                jack vines
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                  Thank you gentlemen, I do appreciate your input.


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                    I don't know how to rebuild engines. The local Studebaker dealer is rebuilding the 245 six in my 50 Commander. They say the bill will be $4k - $5K.
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