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    Originally posted by Gold Hawk Doug View Post
    "At least they (the Diamond Backs) are not made in Mexico, at a plant that Michilin built, only to end up abandoning it after never being able to get a quality product out of it."

    They're labled as such on the back side of the tire. I thought they were made here when I bought them, but have since learned otherwise

    Diamondback does not make their own tires. They take brand new name brand tires from companies like Firestone, BF Goodrich, Toyo, Yokohama, Nitto and even Michelin and then vulcanize the white walls, redlines or whatever you want on to them. They even do drag radials and cheater slicks. The tires are warranteed by Diamonback. The tires they use do change sometimes, as new tire models become available or others go out of production. My only complaint about them is they are on the East Coast and do not have dealers so they tag me pretty good for shipping to California. I personally think they are the best custom tire on the market and worth what you pay for them. But they are not inexpensive.
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      For the new Diamond Back II's they use Toyo tires that are made at a plant in White, Georgia.

      The process they use to vucanize the white wall on involves spinning the tire at a pretty good speed. If there is a flaw in the runout of the tire it is spotted right away, and rejected.

      And yes, its going to cost about a $115 extra to ship them to me. Oh well, the cost of doing buisness, I guess.

      It will be worth it to get rid of these gosh-awfull tires currently on the car.



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        Originally posted by paintim613 View Post
        Ours are in need of replacement. Any recommendations of ones that won't cost a small fortune?
        Google whitewallcandystore. Great white wall tires at reasonable prices

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